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BBB: Main Lift/Accessory Setup

I have read about the boring but big set up but was wondering how people run it. To clarify does everyone run the program with the main lift followed by the BBB sets or do you run the main lift, BBB sets and other accessory movements?

I do Accessories 90% of the time with all 531 templates, but I don’t program them in advance. Its typically a game day decision based on time, recovery, what equipment is easily available etc.

Main and supplemental are required. Assistance is good.

IIRC when I ran the BBB 3month challenge, as the 5x10 sets went up in weight I began tapering off the accessory work due to time as much as fatigue. If I do it again I would keep them in a superset and stay more consistent. But the beauty of BBB is it works you hard enough with what matters, you learn not to waste time with lifts that don’t.

I’m currently running full body BBB (can be found in forever) with BBB percentages around FSL but only 3 days a week so there is a little more room for recovery. It is gruesome but still doable so it is key not to overdo the assistance work. I think that now is the time to bring out the closet body builder in you and do more isolation work like curls and lateral raises but if you program smart you can still do some heavier stuff like DB benches. Stay of stuff that’s taxing the low back or just generally taxing the body, think leg curls instead of SLDLs and leg extensions instead of leg presses.

Interesting, I haven’t gotten forever yet but it seems like the book to get. I like full body but It can beat me up after a while. I work out at home with little stuff like a power rack, barbell and weights, Have some bands a set of Olympic dumbbells so I try to program assistance work that I have access to and that is the best bang for the buck, if you will.

Don’t forget bodyweight assistance.