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BBB Less Boring


1) Anyone switching from a linear progression to 5/3/1 BBB notice there working sets dropped quite a bit strength wise. I got up to 250x3x5 on the squat on SS/greyskull then today on my first squat workout I struggled with 215 for 8. I did 225 for like 11 or 12 a couple months ago. I did the BBB squats 3 days ago on Deads day. 55% which was 135x5x10 with one minutes rest and it was pretty easy. I was sore the next day, but should it still be affecting my workout 3 days later? I kind of noticed the same on my Press workout.

Is it just a matter of not being used to a bit more volume or should I drop the BBB sets down some.

2) Do you guys like using BBB deadlifts or swapping out for RDL/ good mornings. Just a general question to see what you guys think/ has worked for you.


Few things I can think of.

Paraphrasing from another member in this forum, linear progression programs such as Starting Strength, etc. have you in a constant state of peaking, and your numbers decrease when you pull yourself away from that type of training. No worries though, your moving from a "progress fast now for a little while" type program to a "progress slower for longer" program.

The soreness either the volume, which you are unused to, or it's your nutrition/recovery. I did a couple cycles of BBB at 50% before I ever considered about upping the percentages.

I like both, Though I think I grow more with conventional deads. Plus they're more difficult imo.

Also, what kind of mobility work are you doing?


You went from a linear program to another linear program and added a BBB set and accessories. You pretty much doubled your volume. Of course something will happen.

And this is today. Make sure your TM is where it is suppose to be. Stay with the prescribed reps (5/3/1 sets) until your body gets used to the new volume.

It's called DOMS. Yes, three days later. When was the last time you worked 5x10? And eat more.

If the template is on line with your goal(s), then do as is.

This is a goal oriented question. Only you can answer that one. As long as you follow the philosophy, you are golden.


Ya I was just a little suprised by the strength drop I guess. I did 250x3x5 last friday then this friday 215 for 8 was all I got. Was expecting to get 12-15 lol. I do like the workouts though. They're quick. I was doing a lot of weighting around at the end of SS just to get the energy for the next set.

Not a whole lot to be honest. I was doing agile eight and foam rolling quite a bit when I first started SS but now all i need to do to hit depth is a few bodyweight squats and a stretch from the bottom of the squat position. I'm sure doing more wouldn't hurt.

How well did you progress when you did BBB?


Im feeling the same, but i guess the explanation is that you dont move much heavy weight with BBB, so you kinda "lose" that feeling of what it feels like to have closer-to-max-weights, its probably just temporary, like i said its logical that heavier weights feel even heavier when you never go higher i guess


Like JFG stated, make sure you use a good conservative TM, and maybe take the + sets easy for a little bit while you work up to the volume.

Add more mobility work for sure, it's a big part of the program.

I love BBB. recently finished up a cycle where I used fsl for my 5x10 work, after doing it 50% for some cycles of course. In retrospect it probably would have been much better to do the 6 week challenge before the fsl variation. Maybe even check out the bbb prep phase.

BBB in any variation will crush you if you're not eating right.


One workout? I would probably change everything. Including your haircut.