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BBB HGH Protocol


I probably dug up something fairly old here. But, I have been on pharma HGH (genotropin, will be switching to serostim, then humatrope or nordis all depends on what I can get at the time).

I was doing SC before bed for about 3 months until I thought there had to be a better way. I switched to I.V PWO only for the last week, then uncovered this protocol.

Wondering if I can get some help. I am a competetive athlete, also work full time, and go to school so very busy guy. I train early AM then again at around 4 or 5 PM.

My split switches every 12 weeks, right now it is weights AM accompanied by aerobic PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday is kind of two aerobics, hard to explain. Wednesday is active rest, sunday is full rest.

I work with a nutritionist and a coach so I'm pretty dialed in and strict to what I do.

I am on AAS, I plan to continue AAS throughout the protocol of HGH starting my 6 months basically today since I just discovered the protocol.

I have varying thoughts based on my goals and was hoping maybe BBB is still around or someone who knows this topic.

I was thinking of doing HGH on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday doing IM 2 IU pre-workout AM 4 IU IV PWO then 2 IU IM pre aerobic workout 2IU IV PWO.

Any thoughts, or perhaps do an EOD switching between 8IU on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday to 10 IU Mo, Tu, Th, Fri, maybe 12iu tuesday since that is my massive volume/refeed day.


You should probably google the person you’re looking for.


Sure, that will work. Expect greater recovery and added size.

However, given the high dosage, you can also expect some carpal tunnel, and possibly even hypoglycemia. Google hypoglycemia, read how to recognize the symptoms.


Thank you for the feedback, I am familiar with sides and hypoglycemia. I have gone hypo before lol…not a fun experience.


I googled him, is there anything specific I should be looking for? I made tweaks to my protocol on my own research, using the IV route. When I found his thoughts and theories they just matched a lot of my own research and thoughts.

I am tweaking it slightly, but I believe EOD 8IU spread throughout the day or 4 days a week at 8 IU done 2IU IM pre/3 IU IV post /1.5 IU pre PM aerobic and 1.5 IU post PM aerobic would maximize recovery which is critical in my sport.

Large amounts of AAS serve no purpose in my sport. I pin 20mg of test prop daily and am coming off tren A here soon (I had 3 months of more strength focused training)

I will cruise on 20mg Prop daily for about 6 weeks and then I have a few ideas of where I may go depending on training. I will come off AAS in about 4-5 months and off everything in 6. It won’t be an easy recovery but my progress thus far has been nothing short of spectacular and a lot of the quick recovery I attribute to GH which has been exponentially better since moving from SC before bed to IV throughout the day in a very short amount of time.


Post cycle recovery is better with hgh bc it increases htpa function, testosterone is one of many hormones that get more output.