I’m use to running a generic Upper/Lower for a couple years now and last week I ran the BBB FSL in his Forever book and I can barely walk and get up from the toilet lol. Anybody else gone through the sane thing when switching from a generic routine to one of Jims?

I am starting BBB tomorrow and plan on doing FSL as well, ill let you know how taxing it is after the first week!

Why are you mixing 2 supplemental programs when Jim has said on many occasions not to do that?

I think he meant BBB @ FSL. I don’t really know though

yes, i meant use first set weight for the BBB lifts. Not run 2 different programs at the same time.

So first day of BBB not too bad. Did bench today and used FSL for my BBB lifts. 4th and 5th set started feeling a bit heavy but nothing too bad. Anxious to get back to it tomorrow for squats!