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BBB For 4-5 Months?


I posted a question under Chads Waterbury's "Locker Room" but it was long and I dont think I got to the point. Maybe someone could help me with this question? Basically what I am asking is can BBB be extended for 4 or 5 months?

I am coming back to working out after a year and a half lay-off. I am Although I dont think all that time I put in before was the correct way to lift anyway even though I would see some good results.

So I want to start fresh and do things the right way this time around...you know manage fatigue and not seek it like I and everyone else around me did and still does. I have been reading here for a while and trying to piece things together. I was reading the sets/reps bible and BBB and figured if I just changed the sets/reps every 3-4 weeks I could extend it to about 4 or 5 months before moving on to ABBH 1 and 2. If someone could through me some advice I would really appreciate it. If you need a clearer picture of what I am saying if you have time you could look at my post under Chad Waterburys "Locker Room". Its on page 10 in there.




Can't answer your question for sure,haven't ever used the program but I wouldn't see why not, I would also change the exercises up a bit as well.

The reason for my post is what do you mean by not lifting the right way? Proper form?



Ya I figured the same but like I was saying I have been here reading for months trying to figure out a program to put together. I have read so much that I am on overload, notes everywhere and crap...lol. I meant a couple things when I said I wasnt lifting the right way. I should have phrased it differently like maybe I wasnt training properly.

I went to the gym and banged out weights with no sense of a "scientific" plan of action. If I had a routine I wouldnt stick to it long enough(even if I did the rouine was prob. a dead end anyway) and when I did I would burn out do to me "seeking fatigue". I basically trained like a bodybuilder.

You know Body part splits, soar for days and days, etc...etc. Reality was that I was completly confused on what to do. I had my lean,ripped abs...weak days. I have had my bulked up 400pd bench days, but in the end it was all by luck with no plan of action and some strecth marks along the way, although the one thing I always am proud of is I never resorted to taking juice when everyone around me did and still does.

Right now I am basicslly starting from scratch. So I want to do it right ya know. I found this website with all the excellent knowledge that I wish I new five years ago. Now I am just trying to put it together. If muscle memeory is something that really exists then maybe it wasnt all for nothing because as of right now I am a total beginner again with no strength or muscle.

I thought that since we arent going for failure that I could start out with a set/rep volume of 24 8x3 and 3x8 and move up every four weeks by 5 or 6. Week 2 would be sets/reps volume of 30 3x10 and 10x3. Until the 5 month were I reached a sets/rep volume of 50 5x10 and 10x5. So I would be in the 24-50 sets/reps range for hypertrophy.

Chad states that 24-36 is for fatloss but me being a beginner again and my body is so new that I think the fat loss parameters would be perfect for someone just getting back into it and then moving up over a couple months with all compound exercises and half body workouts just as BBB suggests.

In the end I know that these numbers are not set in stone but there a good guide to go by for me so that I dont overtrain. Of course my loading would be 70-80% of 1rm the whole way through. Ya K-narf if you look at my even longer post in chads "locker room" I posted my exercise there, but thanks for commenting on my post. I appreciate it.



Have you been reading and making notes for months and haven't started working out? Don't make it so complicated. Just pick a beginner program from this site and start lifting as prescribed...all the planning is done for you..you just need to put it to action..



Mig Sadly yes. I have been doing cardio just for heart health but no training and my metabolism is down do to not eating very much or very often. I mean I dont eat snickers bars ,but I here what you are saying. So I am just going to put my plan into action and see what happens when I come out on the other side. I agree with 99.9 percent.

On the other hand I dont just want to follow the program I want to understand it and how to continue to progress from there. You see before I feel into a trap of not having a understanding so I changed everything all the time and would stall out causeing me to get extremely frustrated.

Your right though I could learn and put it into action at the same time as well. Anyways I started yesterday so thats why I decided to post for the first time just to "be sure"...lol I guess I am just a head case with certain things. Atleast I admit it. Thanks for telling me like it is.



I understand what your saying but I agree with the above quote. Start out with a plan. Read the rep/set bible and follow it but don't be afraid to alter it or change it here and there to fit your needs. My point is only you know your body! Seeing how it reacts is key.


You might think about buying a copy of Muscle Logic by Charles Staley. It will explain and help you develop your own "personal" plan/workout. EDT (Escalating Density Training) will give you a great workout and put you in awesome shape really quick.


Road warrior
Thanks I will have to check that out. I have been reading on here and new that some of these experts had books out but wasnt sure of what they were. I will go look it up for sure thanks for the reply.



Its a great book for beginners (although, its a well-rounded book for everyone beginner/advanced alike) because CS explains it very in depth but very understandable at the same time. The are three different sets of workouts with different lengths for each. There are alot of photographs, that correspond with the workout/topic at hand. Go to Amazon, its really affordable.





Performing any routine for 4-5 months isn't advisable. But based on your comments, it seems you're more interested in figuring out how to manipulate training variables.

So, you should start out with BBB as prescribed. Continue with this plan for 4 weeks. Then, you need to switch things up. Add one set to each exercise while simultaneously dropping one rep off each set. That's a simple way to manipulate your parameters. Continue with this new plan for another 4 weeks. Then, drop two sets from each exercise and add 2 reps. Continue with this for another 4 weeks. Now you've got three months worth.

From there, I suggest you follow ABBH as prescribed. Follow the plan for 4 weeks. Then, when it's over, follow ABBH II.

Now you have 5 months worth of effective training.


WHOAH!.....I just read in your new article that you trained in BJJ for 2 years.....nice! I was just about to take some of that up myself with some muay thai boxing, but I am going to start slow. Anyways I am getting ahead of myself and first I have to concentrate on getting back into lifting. Thanks for you comments I will follow your advice and and then move on to ABBH and so on...... I wasnt expecting you to post it over here so I was surprised when you did. I figured it was to long to read and was probably looked over. It wasnt and again I appreciate it.