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BBB + First Post



This is my first post in T-Nation. I started BBB (6 day split) 4 weeks ago, currently in my 5th week of training. So far I don't see much of an improvement in my strength gains (got 1 more rep on most exercises, some decreased). Should I be concerned about this? or is my body just taking time to adjust? sorry if I should be posting this in the original bbb thread.

current split:

bent over rows
flat bench
db curls
smith calve raises

military press
close grip bench

incline bench
hammer curls
seated calve raises

leg extension
upright rows
skull crushers

flat bench
barbell rows
barbell curls
smith calve raises

military press
close grip bench

Some personal background:
I'm a pretty small and weak guy, trying to work my way up.

starting weight: 170
current weight: 213-16
age: 20
height : 5'11 ish
experience - 2 years
deadlift - 445 x 5 (weak)
bench - 255 x 4 (weak)
squats - 365 x 2 (weak)
seated military - 185 x 8 (weak)

nice to meet you all :smiley:


Might want to take a look at the diet.


I think my diet has been pretty good. I've been eating quite a bit, but at the same time I'm trying to keep my body fat under control. My weight has been going up 1-2 lbs weekly most times. I don't mind adding more calories and losing my abs, just don't wanna go too far. I was wondering if I was doing too much compound movements? I'm thinking about switching them out with "easier" exercises on the 10-12 rep days. example: close grip bench ---> cable pressdowns


Patience; Discipline.

I've been where you are, stick with it and you will succeed.

Go to the gym: work hard. Eat, rest and grow.

Its that simple.

Good luck,


You think... yet your results adding more weight and reps (as the progress should be) speak otherwise.

Your body has more to give, it needs more fuel... eat more.


You are adding 1-2lbs of bodyweight EVERY week? How much protein do you take?

If this is the case (gaining weight, eating enough protein), then strength gains should be pretty decent...so long as the routine is suitable for the individual (which in your case, it's probably not).

Why hammer away on an unconventional routine, wishing and hoping for it to work? As much as it sounds great all this "your body will adapt" stuff...at the end of the day, your training should reflect how YOUR BODY responds, not the other way around.

It's a no brainer:

If there's lack of progress despite diet being adequate to gain weight on, then RECOVERY is the issue (over-compensation isn't being allowed to happen). Therefore, rest the muscle group longer before you train it (BBB is already at the high frequency end, so it's not a lack of frequency that's the problem).

Why don't you simply take more rest between training body parts? In other words, split it up more (e.g. 3 way split like push/pull/legs done 5-6 times a week).


Obviously, all that ^^^ doesn't apply if simply the diet isn't adequate.


I consume around 250 gram of protein, not including protein from carb/fat sources. And I eat shitload of carbs. Maybe I should pour olive oil over my food? LOL

I have a lot of faith in this program, I don't wanna switch back and forth between programs. I'll increase my food intake and see how next week goes. If it still doesn't go up then something is wrong. More feedbacks would be awesome :smiley:

I DO BELIEVE that the human body can adapt to a lot more stress than we think it can.


I don't think adding in more protein would be the worst idea in the world. Just have an extra pound of steak a day, you can pretty much guarantee results.


Yes, the adaptation is called getting stronger.

What else do you want to adapt to? Why? Will your gains be 500% compared to 200%??

If you aint getting stronger, your super duper adaptation program that you have so much faith in aint very special :slight_smile:

By all means, eat more (even though you said you're gaining weight every week)...but if that doesn't work, don't cling onto something like a religion just because you so badly want it to be true.


I'll stick to it with for another week, if my strength doesn't go up, I'll back down on the frequency. I've always trained my body part once per week, and my strength gains were great. But Modoks thread really got me thinking, maybe I'll back down to body parts twice per week.


I believe it's beneficial to challenge your body every so often (throw something at it that it's not used to like higher volume) but only for a few weeks at a time.

Modok actually trains bodyparts 2x/week nowadays by the way...


Do you know if Modok ramps his weight up for 2x per week? or does he do 3 sets starting off the heaviest weight, decreasing the weight every set?


Come on now, he's talked about all of this stuff in explicit detail before.

He warmed up, then did his heaviest set, then reduced the weight as needed for his additional work sets in order to stay in the rep range.
He still does the same thing as far as I know, just with a somewhat different rep/set approach.

And your protein intake needs some serious work. This is not a forgiving program, you will just end up stagnating, fat and injured if you're not putting in the work in the kitchen as well as getting stronger fast.

If I remember right, Modok was doing the AD... So high protein and high fat most of the time.


What were your strength gains like before?
And why change something that works (if it did indeed work well) ?


If you're already gaining weight, keep your cals at that level for now, just replace some of those carbs with protein and make sure you don't neglect fats. Try for 350-400 grams of protein for now if you really want to give this routine a serious shot...


I manage to put on 5lbs on the bar every 1-2 weeks, I always trained in the low rep range, 4-6 rep for big compound movements. I just wanna split up the volume so I can have a power day and another day for hypertrophy. My chest/arms/traps doesn't progress as fast as my other body parts and lags behind, so I want to hit them more frequently to see how they respond


You can do the heavy/light thing... Or you could put it all into each training day...

TBH. if you were still gaining that quickly, I would just go back to that routine and simply adjust it a bit to allow your weak areas to come up faster.


My back and legs are my strong points, should I just train them once per week and hit my weak body parts, chest/arms with higher frequency?


That's one way to do it.