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BBB E-Diagnosis (Foot Pain)


I started experiencing a bizarre pain in my right foot about three days ago. It took awhile to figure out how to recreate the pain, but I've narrowed it down to stretching of the hamstring. I don't do ham-stretches as I've been trying to shorten that muscle and fix APT.

I'm wondering if that has anything to do with this. I now experience this pain when I bend over to pick something up with straight leg(s) and I can feel the pain become greater if my foot slightly flexes upwards. (Like doing calf raises on a leg press- though I usually keep my knees slightly bent.)

It's in a weird spot on the inside of the foot between the back of the heel and ankle. I could not find the proper anatomical term for this spot. So I did my best to circle the area in this picture:

It seems like it's too far back to be the posterior tibial tendon, could possibly be the flexor retinaculum. It's a sharp, tingling pain on the inside and it feels like if it stays in that state for too long that something will snap or I'll experience prolonged pain. All pain is alleviated once my knee is bent or I stand back up. I've never experienced pain in this area. I've not done anything recently that I'm aware of that would have reason to cause this pain.

Any idea what this is?


Could possibly be a retrocalcaneal bursitis. Very difficult to tell without a physical evaluation though.

But from your description and location in the picture, it seems like a possible cause. Especially if your hamstrings have stiffened/shortened at the myofascial level, this will place more stress down through the lower leg through the posterior fascial line into the foot, which would then cause more pressure/rubbing onto the bursa.


I'm not sure because it's not really an irritation. I don't think that's what it is as I don't experience pain during any exercise- except maybe now walking at an incline (I'll find out tonight for sure I guess). Plus the location isn't quite right.... If you could draw a triangle on in the inside of the foot between the heel, ankle, and achilles insert it's right in the middle of that.


If by ankle you mean malleolus, then IMO that location sounds like it could be the post tib tendon and still could have an associated retrocalcaneal bursitis.

It could also be referral nerve pain into the post tib nerve. I'd recommend that you just go get it checked out.


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That would've been the first thing I would've done...if I had insurance. I have no choice other than to 'deal with it' for the time being.