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BBB Deadlifts, Gluteal Strain. Adjustments?

hi all,

first of all i just want say how much i love 5/3/1. i have a long history of lower back issues, meds and surgeries (at 26). 5/3/1 rly helped me getting to feel stronger step by step without worrying too much about my back being able to handle stuff

i’ve done the beginner’s template for 7 months without ever having any big problems or back pain, and just switched to BBB this month (template/details below)

unfortunately, today i got a very bad pain in my glutes (both sides) while doing the final BBB deadlift sets. it was after i got to 11 reps for my AMRAP set at 95% (85kg) which was a PR. then for the BBB sets i switched to a trap bar at 30kg total. after doing 2 BBB sets i started noticing a very bad pain coming up only in my glutes specifically, up to the point that i wasn’t even able to stand/walk anymore without lots of pain, so had to cut my workout short altogether. my doctor says it’s gluteal strain and i have to put ice on my ass (lol) and take it easy for the next few days

i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here, as i’ve always progressed with weights as slowly as possible so i could primarily focus on form. my question is: what am i doing wrong? should i decrease weight for my lower-body TMs? or maybe BBB just isn’t for me?

workout template and details below

  • weight in kilograms (1RM’s are from when i started out)
  • for my squat BBB sets i do front squat, after which i’m completely used up
  • and as stated above, for my deadlift BBB sets i use a trap bar for my back’s sake (after which i’m also still very tired)
  • for KB swings i use 16kg kettlebells
  • 4x6 reps chinups and around 3x10 lat pulldowns
  • 6x10 hanging knee raises
  • around 6x8 dips
  • dunno if this is relevant but i’m 26 years old, male and i weigh around 82kgs

could really use your help. thanks in advance guys

What changes have you made? This doesn’t look like the normal BBB? (I’m a 5/3/1 newb and just curious).

Here’s one suggestion:

If you are doing PR’s on the main 531 sets, then do 5x5 FSL rather than BBB as the supplement. Or, drop the PR’s on the main sets if you want to keep the BBB supplement.

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