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BBB: Deadlifts and Frequency

I read through the massive BBB topic a bit and I decided to post because I actually started the program (6 day, might go to a 4 day).

Is anyone who is still/currently doing the program doing the 6 or 4 day variant? 6 days seems like quite a bit. I have just come off a 5 day program (chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms) coming to this and 5 days was great for me (until I started getting burnt out, I did not know about lowering my weight to that 80 or so percent zone and ramping back up <.<)

Currently I have flat bench, deadlift, back squat (might change for front squat, or box squat depending on how deadlifts go), calf raises, close grip bench, cable crunches, and seated military press for my lifts. My biggest question is, am I going to be able to keep up the deadlifts or should I change it to a bent over row or weighted chinups?

I guess to give perspective, I am fairly new (almost a year now, but only really started seriously in august. I’m 5’5, went from 115 to 142 atm, so I am not very impressive). It’s just that I started off with a lot of isolation stuff, talked to a guy at the gym (well he started talking to me, he’s a powerlifter getting back into competitions) and I decided to try my hand at more core lifts as well as switching my program. As a bit more info, I didn’t find the 5 day split to be overworking me until I kept going at max for 3-4 months when I noticed it and did not drop weight (I was gaining strength really well at one point and kinda thought it would keep happening)

If anything, should I just go for a lower/upper split, 4 days a week monday/tuesday thursday/friday?

RDL’s will probably keep you fresher if you’re set on doing deadlifts, but I think weighted chin-ups would be the better choice overall.

thanks for the tip! After thinking it over, I’m just going to drop the whole BBB thing (for now!). I do not think I will be ready or that kind of workout quite yet, so I am planning on a upper/lower split like this…

back squat (front squat maybe?)
leg press (maybe one leg version?)
leg curls
calf raises (maybe 2 calf exercises?

flat bench press
T bar row
seated military press
weighted chin ups
biceps (adjust the volume depending on how I feel, but will be anything really)
triceps (will probably be close grip bench press)

This will be mond/tues and thurs/fri

I will probably skip the squats on thursday and do regular deadlifts as well as take SLDL out on that day and just keep the leg curls, what do you guys think? Also on friday I will probably switch up and do incline DB/BP and skip the seated military press.

BBB sounds amazing and I would really love to actually get into it some day, but looking down at some of the later ramps, the routine looks DEVASTATING unless I have been training for at least a couple years. So I will wait until that day, BB isn’t something that’s done overnight right?

PS for reps and stuff, it’s all going to be 3 sets at around 6-8, maybe a bit more volume. If I feel on tricep and bicep for example that I’ve done enough, I will probably leave it at two sets, or do one heavy set and one lighter set at more reps.

cccr, you don’t need a world of experience in order to do BBB. You should just be at a point where your conscious of your form at all times, or else it could lead to an injury. Read through both of the BBB threads on here and it will answer basically any question you could have. And if that’s not enough for you, I’d consult one of the BBB experts around here. Personally, I chose MODOK to annoy with my questions and also Trav. (Thanks again, gentlemen). Pars, C_C and many others are also incredibly knowledge about BBB so read through the BBB threads and let them be your resource. Good luck. Happy and healthy training to you.

Thanks again! I went back and read some threads. Some of the original BBB, some of the second one (not everything, they are HUGE threads).

Anyways, I came upon the thread that MODOK started that discussed training volume and read through most of it. I think what I’m going to end up doing is basically the 3 day spit over the week, and this is mainly because of one thing that MODOK said, that I found really interesting, which was about how he could go at max strength for his BP, INC, and DEC press at different days, but not all on the same day (like a chest day 5 day split).

This made so much sense to me, so i decided to take the rest of the week off, and start off fresh on a 3 day split, hitting twice a week (which seems to be quite good, I did a bit more research around as well). The 2 day split hitting twice a week going 4 days a week was tempting, but it honestly seemed like I would be staying way too long in the gym on upper body days, and what MODOK said about hitting something a couple times through the week at max strength, or doing them on the same day at weakening strength made a lot of sense to me.

So I am going to leave BBB on the backburner for now, but mostly because some of the ramps look. INSANE. 5 set per bodypart at one point. I do not think I will be able to handle that unless I literally do nothing except sleep and eat every day.