BBB Cycle Reset Percentage Question

Example: BBB 13 Week Challenge. (or even the 6 week challenge)
Using Beyond 531, 3 week cycles.

After 3 weeks, do you add poundage to your TM(Training Max)
to get your new TM,before going into week 4?

The reason I ask is because at week 3 you are at 5x10@60%
Then in week 4 you are also at 5x10@60%

Now the kicker: Is that week 4 60% of the new TM (because you just added poundage after week 3)
or still going off of the old original TM,

Get what I am saying here?

From the book regarding 6 week cycles:(Two 3 week cycles back to back)
“After the first 3 weeks, you must increase your training maxes
as usual. Please read that again and make sure it sinks in.
After the first 3 weeks, add 5 pounds to your upper body lifts,
and 10 pounds to your lower body lifts”

So even another way to approach this question.

Basically to sum it up, the BBB percentage after week 3 seems to stay the same, even though you just added poundage after week 3.


are you not adding poundage after week 3, but still using the same TM throughout the whole 6 or 13 week challenge?

From my understanding:

When you start the cycle, lets say your bench is 250. You base all BBB sets off that for the entire 3 month cycle. So for weeks 1-4 your BBB would be 125 for 5x10

Next cycle training max goes to 255 and BBB goes to 150 5x10

next cycle training max goes to 260 and BBB goes to 175 5x10

Dont go for PRs on the 5/3/1 sets, so for example on bench week 1 would be

Bench, 165x5, 185x5, 210x5, then 125 for 5x10

The next cycle would be

Bench 165x5, 190x5, 215x5, then 150 for 5x10

Hope this helps, all the best

It makes no sense to me.