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BBB & Cortes HGH Experiment - Time to Try


Evening All,

I have been lurking for quite a while and now have some questions and require help/input with what I'm looking to achieve.

I read with great interest "the hgh experiment" and am looking to do something similar within the next 2 weeks. The original thread information wise seemed to die out about 1.5 yrs ago although was briefly reincarnated by some grieving nutter but I'm not sure if things have changed much since the last posts of Cortes.

I am 30yrs old, 225lbs, 191cm and about 15-16%bf, training 6yrs, never used anything harder than OTC products.

My nutrition is good, for the last year 95% of the time consuming natural unprocessed products, essentially a kind of altered Paleo like Nate Miyaki encourages.
My training flits between modified Westside and 531, solid lifts but nothing super spectacular, slightly injury plagued which sets me back - another reason for the interest in HGH.
Squat - 418
Deadlift - 484
Bench - 286 (niggling tricep)

I am after permanent body composition changes, drop body fat, gain some lean mass and some size. Improve recovery, sleep and general health and wellness.

I very much have a client facing job seeing them several times a week so any sudden gains in size are not favourable for me, a more subtle increase is definitely the order of the day.

I am very keen for the regenerative properties of HGH having suffered many injuries the last 5 years, all of which have either been random accidents or something that can be basically summed up as "shit happens". I work around the injuries but it's irritating.

As it's my first cycle I would ideally like to stick to one substance (HGH) to see how it reacts with my body - which is obviously where I and the original experiment differ, as AAS were also used in synergy to enhance the gains.

I'm not against IV but from a pure comfort and accuracy stand point IM would be my preferred route.

I can run a HGH cycle for probably 100 ius a month for upto 5 months although if I can get results in quicker time from a cost perspective it would be better. I'm able to get Somatropin for equivalent approx $2 an IU. Is that fairly good value?

There seemed to be a turn about half way through the thread from a pulse administration of E3D to EOD - or did I misread that? Was something about levels returning to normal quicker than anticipated so EOD was a better route. If I went IM, I presume I would stick to E3D?

If E3D I would look to go IM - 3iu am, 3iu pre & 4iu pwo, although again I thought I saw BBB mention he did 8ius but that I think was IV and EOD? I would also build up to these levels over the course of a week or two to see how I react.

I'm presuming some will say I really need to combine this with AAS to get exceptional results, I'm not 100% against this but as mentioned looking to see how body reacts to 1 substance. If i do include AAS I was thinking of some test variant at a low dose of probably about 300mg per week.

If I have missed anything, got stuff wrong, or just any input would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time!