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BBB Challenge Deload Week

forgive me if i’ve missed this already, what are the percentages based on for the 5x10 assistance sets following the main lift on the boring but big challenge?

They’re based on the Training Max

@tsantos so for example, during deload week for bench im still basing the assistance work off of 50% of my TM (252lbs), which would be 125lbs x10x5? which is fine for me lol i love the pump, but seems alot for a deload week. weightwise and rep/set wise.

Sorry, I had forgetten the title of your thread when replying. There’s lots of options for the deload week.

ah, i found it. im going to keep the 50% of training max and do 3x10 for the deload week on assistance. chinups i may do 3x6-8.