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BBB Challenge & a Thank You

Been lurking on T-Nation for years - can’t believe I’m posting here to be honest. In fairness, I’ve had a few beers :slight_smile:

35 years old (!?!), 5’ 8.5", 76kg. Training on and off throughout my life, very consistently for 4 years or so, doing 531 for 18 months to 2 years. Some bests: Squat 1x150kg, Deadlift 7x180 (1x200 about 6 months ago but not tested in ages), Bench 1x122.5 / 5x107.5kg, Press 3x72.5kg. Not the world’s strongest, but pretty happy.

Just finished the 13-week BBB challenge from Beyond 531 today, and kind of thought I’d ‘review’ it and say thanks. I did it with a Beyond 531 setup for the main lift (I just like it), and I feel stronger as I type this than I ever have, ever. In the last 10 days I have hit PRs in all lifts bar the squat, though I have that feeling that one is just round the corner. I might have hit a squat PR if I didn’t do it on Sunday or Monday - I’m a musician and sound engineer, so squats are generally penance for a heavy weekend.

So yeah, main point of this post was to say that if you googled/searched for this 13 week BBB thing and ended up here, do it. It’s hard work but it works. I’m in better shape than quite literally anyone I know.

While I’m here, have to say thanks Jim. I watch people come and go at the gym. They mostly fart around. Nobody presses heavy. I just stay on it. I got pissed off cos I could have hit 185kg for 7 yesterday but stopped at 6 to be safe. Then I realised I’d kept my ego in check, and taken the long view. Your shit creeps into the brain. And after that I realised that 18 months ago my only goal was 182.5 (so, 400lb) for 1 - that was the goal for that whole year, actually.

And that’s what I like about 531. It kind of embodies an expression I live by. ‘Never judge the height of a mountain until you reach the top; then you will see how low it was’. Not at the top yet. Will just keep walking - thanks for showing the way.

Now for another beer…

don’t stop at the 13 week keep going I’m at week 23

Great to hear its working for you mate!

[quote]ChongLordUno wrote:
Great to hear its working for you mate![/quote]

Taps aff! LOL

[quote]drew925 wrote:

[quote]ChongLordUno wrote:
Great to hear its working for you mate![/quote]

Taps aff! LOL[/quote]

Haha suns oot guns oot!