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BBB:Big, Bald and Beautiful


Starting a new cycle so I thought a new thread would be fitting.

semi-sumo deads 295x5,335x5,385x10
fat bar deads 289 10x5 sets
GHR 3 sets
planks 3 sets

Started this cycle with maxes set low. I have a bad habit of starting out to heavy. My BW is still 255lbs.


hmmm, new log. Title in uncharacteristically (sp?) boring. I will still read it, and comment appropriately. And inappropriately.


Pete, I hope you like the new title.

10 sprints and jog backs
2 tire pulls
ab circuit

I'm in no sprinting shape. My legs are rubber.


I am a big fan of sled sprints.


My conditioning needs to be a little better before I'm a fan. If you're doing these regularly you must be in great shape.


cgb fat bar 199x5,219x5,249x10
a. cgb fat bar 159x10x5 sets
b. BB rows 135x20,155x20,175x20,195x20,215x10
a. curls 85x10x3 sets
b. lat raise 25'sx10x3
c. pushdowns 100x20x3

First time in forever my left shoulder was completely pain free. Just have to stick with cgb.


Very cool about the shoulder.
Working it and rehabing it at the same time. Looks like you've found the formula.


Good well rounded workouts. Glad to hear about the shoulder.


jeez, shouldn't change the title cuz of lil old me. as always love your training


looking good buddy! Sprints? Really? Are you tryin' to make me feel bad? I have been wanting to incorporate these too... but usually just open another beer and contemplate it... lol!


Thanks guys. I'm excited about bench again. Now to get it back over 400. Going to take it slow.


slow is the ticket. everything is looking good, especially with the shoulder. When you say close grip, how close?


I can't believe it myself. My legs ache today. Its funny telling my legs to go faster but nothing happens. My wife got a kick out of making fun of me but she's just jealous.

I've switched from beer and whiskey to wine. Tastes like shit for the first few weeks but then its not so bad. And I read it actually has health benefits. Drunk with benefits is a winner in my book.


Late to the game, as usual. Glad the shoulder has turned in the right direction. I'm in your book with the wine.


I don't know about great shape. I do know I can play football on O and D for two hours and not be all that tired.

Next I'm getting a prowler and then I have dreams of a sled sprint, prowler push, farmers walk circuit day. Maybe start at 5 circuits and then ad on as I get better at it.


Nice work Joe, I have no space or place to use a prowler,
apartment life isnt conducive to it, and the weekend place is all hill,
but a bags of gravel in wheel barrow go a long long way.


Wilson, I think sleeping with my arm down (not above my head) and switching to cgb have made the big difference with the shoulder. I polished off a bottle of wine last night watching a chick flick with my wife. I give 'Julie & Julia' only a luke warm review.

Joe, sounds like you're in good shape to me. I do a few sprints and I'm toasted.

Kevin, a few trips up and down that hill with a full wheelbarrow would get the blood flowing. Simple and effective. Just the way I like it.


red wine is good, but no replacement for rye.

Have you bought any new ferns lately. do we need a meathead intervention?


A weekend of cigars, whiskey, red meat and helmetless bike riding (legal in NH) would suit me just fine. Just let me check with my wife first.


fat bar CG MP 124x5,144x5,164x12,124 10x5 sets
chinups 3 sets

Today was a leg day but my legs still ache from the weekend. MP felt great.