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BBB Beefcake Training: Main Lift PR or 5s Pro? Conditioning?

Saw this routine on Jim’s website and would like to run it after my Prep & Fat Loss routine I’m currently running but had some questions on the BBB Beefcake Program.

  1. Are the main lifts done with a PR set or is it 5’s Pro.
  2. For conditioning would you recommend 2-4 days of easy conditioning?

I’m going to quote directly from the article itself:

  1. In the case of BBB, the supplemental work is hard, because of this, the main work (main sets of the program) must be done in a limited manner.

  2. Your conditioning has to be such that it doesn’t break your body down so much that you can’t recover from the work in the weight room.

Do these answer your questions?


Not trying to be a dick, but did you even read the article? These were literally the second and third paragraphs.