BBB - Becoming Big Ben

It’s hard to decide, I’d like to do:

Chest: Flat Bench and DB Incline
Back: Neutral Pulldowns, Rack Pulls, Barbell Row
Delts: Laterals, Seated DB Press, Push Press
Quads: Back Squats, Leg Press (maybe squat from pins)
Hamstrings: RDLs, Leg Curls, Sumo Deads, Regular Deads
Triceps: Dead Stop Extensions, Close Grip Bench
Biceps: Barbell Curls, Pinwheels

But it’s impossible to fit all these into the routine :slight_smile:

I’m probably better off with front squats on day 3. I may do some partial squats for the high rep days on ramp 2

… and do you think it’s a big deal to follow the exercise order on BBB? It sometimes makes more sense to to tri’s before delts, or chest before back and so on.

Anyway, today’s session:

Neutral Grip Pulldown: 95x10 90x12 85x10 80x10 80x9
Bench Press: 100x10 90x10 80x15 80x12 80x10 (spotter nudged me through a few reps on the first set, I’d say 7 were clean)
Barbell Curl: 50x12 40x12 40x10
Preacher Curl: 30x10x2
Seated Calf Raise: Stack +15kg plate x something something

Feeling a bit better, still haven’t made up my mind whether to stick it out with the 6way or do the 4 way for the SG phase, will have to see how this plays out over the weekend.

Btw Spidey, thanks for the input. And anyone else who wants to chime in are more than welcome.

Yeah choosing lifts can be a bitch, especially with stuff like BB Rows, Rack Deads, and Full Deadlifts, just because they fatigue you so much for the NEXT day of lifting, which is always soon on BBB. lol

I do think you could fit MOST of those in your routine, and for smaller body parts like arms and delts, it’s probably no biggie to have a more exercise variation, just because you’re not going to progress much on OH extensions and laterals, but they are still movements you need to do if you want a balanced physique.

I personally don’t follow the exercise order, hitting triceps before delts and chest before back, just because I don’t want to be going for a max pressing movement and fail (or maybe even get hurt) because I’ve fatigued muscled need for stabilization/staying tight.

Oh and Spidey, if you would care to post a supergrowth phase 1 setup (4way or 6way) that you’ve been successful with, that would be great. Choosing exercises on this program has me going crazy. lol

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Also, for those doing one quad and one hamstring move for legs, do you do 3 sets total still? As in 2 sets for quads and 1 for hams?

Last day of ramp 1 week 3

90 sec rest:

Push Press: 60x10 60x10 60x7 50x12 50x10… LOL this was pathetic. 5 sets to failure on bench yesterday=useless delts today
Tricep Dips: +45x8 +40x7 +30x11 +30x8 +30x8
Sumo Deadlift: 190x5 180x4… damn I was disappointed here. Thought I would get 8 at least. I usually don’t pull sumo though
Romanian Deadlift: 150x10x2
Leg Extensions: stack x14 stack x11
some abs and glute work

I’m not sure floor deadlifts has a place on these ramps, better keep them to training phases. RDL’s only for ramps.

The best split I did that I like was

Day 1:
Decline BB
V-Grip Pulldown
OH Extensions
EZ Curl

Day 2:
Front Squat
Upright Rows

Day 3:
Incline DB
DB Row
Deadstop Extension
Hammer Curls

Day 4:
Ham Curls
Lateral Swings

Did Abs and Calves as well. But I would literally use these days and just rotate them. Obviously I prefer a split like Hernon did, Triceps on the ‘upper’ day and delts on 'lower day. I personally do 3 for Quads and 3 for Hams

Also I think this last time doing my own bastardized BBB variation, I came to the same conclusion with full DL’s. They are to demanding on this program

That honesty looks like a perfect split. And I think I like the Triceps on different day rather to the original split, because honestly I have an issue with chest MMC anyways. And fatiguing my tris the day before any pressing makes it just go to shit. I have a friend named Harrison who has done it both ways, prefers the original set-up, and is making great progress.

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SG 1 Day 1

Decline BB: 105x8 100x8 95x10
BB Row: 115x10 110x10 110x10
BB Curl: 55x7 50x10 45x10
BB Calf Raise: 130x15x3

SG 1 Day 2

Seated Dumbbell Press: 36x10 36x10 36x7
Dips: 40x8 30x10 30x10
Squat: 130x7 120x10 100x14
Abz x whatever

I have worshiped at the altar of two false gods: front squats and leg presses. Lo and behold, now my squat SUCKS! This will have to be fixed post haste. In my defense, low back was shot from deadlifts a couple of days ago and barbell rows yesterday.

SG 1 Day 3

Chins: 25x5 20x6 BW x 16
Incline DB Press: 40x8 38x10 38x7
Sumo Deadlift: 190x4 160x9 160x7
Calf Raise: A ton x a lot
Laterals: 18x10 14x14 14x11
Seated Incline Curl: 18x10 20x8 20x8
PJR Extension: 50x4 40x8

SG 1 Day 4

Squat: 140x7 140x5 140x5
Decline BB: 120x4 115x4 110x8
BB Row: 115x8 115x8 115x6 (tightened up my form here, I consider it progress)
Standing BB Press: 60x6
BB Curl: 55x7
Dips: +3 plates x 3, +2 plates x 8
Ab work…

SG 1 Week 2 Day 1

180s rest

T-bar: 100x14 110x7 105x10
Decline BB: 110x10 105x10 100x11
BB Curl: 50x10 50x10 50x7
Smith Machine Calf Raise: 140x12x3
Some rear delt work…

SG 1 Week 2 Day 2

Seated DB Press: 38x9 36x9 34x10
Dips: 45x6 30x12 35x9
Squat: 140x9 120x10 110x9
Decline Crunch something x something

SG1 Week 2 Day 3

Neutral Grip Pulldowns: 100x10 100x8 100x8
Incline DB Press: 42x11 42x7 40x8
Sumo Deadlift: 190x7 170x9 170x8
Seated Calf Raise: 70x12x2
Laterals: 20x10 (sloppy) 14x10(strict)
Incline Alt.DB Curl: 24x9
Dead Stop Extensions: 45x10