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BBB Assistance Very Light?

Hey guys. Don’t know why it’s taken so long to try the 531 templates but here I am.

Started BBB on Monday and enjoyed squat, press and DL days but had BP day today and assisted with 5x10 at the prescribed 50% of TM and supersetted with rows @ 50% of my true 1RM. I found it exceedingly light, like a 5/10 on the effort scale, like early warm up sets easy. Is this normal? I hate feeling like I’ve wasted a day but I respect the author and designer of the program way too much to deviate from what he’s prescribed. As I say, I enjoyed the other 3 days as they felt more like 7/10 on the effort scale and I felt like I’d worked out, which wasn’t the case today.

Just wanted to know your experiences with the BBB template in its very early stages.

Broadly speaking first month or two will feel very light overall.

yeah if this the case fine to nudge it up a little.
Fine to add a couple sets push ups/dips/chin ups etc as finisher also

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Well, BBB percentages range from I think 30-75% in the different templates within the books so if you feel the need for it then bump it up a little, maybe to 60% instead. Just be honest with yourself on how heavy it is. I feel that 50% is a little light on bench/ohp but more okay for squat/dl. I guess it might depend on your strength levels.

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Thanks for your input and yes you’re right, DL and squat days were more taxing than OHP and BP days, but still not overly. I guess when you’ve been training to failure or close to it every session for almost 3 decades it’s going to come as a shock when you start on this template! Was planning on running bbb for 3 months initially, so I think I’ll adjust my assistance work from 50% of TM to 60% and then 70% month 2 and 80% month 3 and then take stock.

Ok bud thanks for your input. I’ll try 60% of TM next workout and adjust from from there if needs be.