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BBB and Some Questions



Im about to start BBB 3 month challenge. I have some questions about how to do it

  • Do I increase my TM the third week(as in the book), and bbb weight?

  • Do I increase the bbb weight(50%, 60%, 70% of TM) every month(4 weeks) or every cycle(6 weeks)?

My plan is to build some mass with the challenge and then switch template to a more strength based template. What are the recomendations?

My plan: 1-2 cycles of low intensity, high volume (BBB 3 month challenge).
1-2 cycles of medium intensity, medium volume (which template?)
1-2 cycles of high intensity, low volume (which template?).

So the first will be the bbb 3 month challenge, but what about the next ones? Any ideas?