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BBB. Adding in the Extras

Doing BBB at the moment, the not so boring version with assistance deads on squat day etc. If i’m doing it that way does that mean First set last ( multiple sets ) can work still with the big assistance lifts? Or should I go for the triumvirate approach

There is never an acceptable time to combine BBB with FSL. This was asked 6 days ago and is still at the top of the forum. Whatever assistance you do make sure it doesn’t interfere with the BBB sets, those are the focus.

If possible please delete this thread so we can save Jim the justifiable stress that this repeated question causes him.


You should go for the approach Jim set out in his book, which is to do ONE exercise for five sets of 10 after the BBB sets. Triumvirate is a different template.

You may be able to get away with supersetting the BBB sets with some light work (pull aparts, chins, push-ups, curls etc).

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Oh yeah been doing that for a while now, made great progress just wanted to add the first set last in since a lot of people have said it was great! Just weren’t sure on how to set up assistance for it but trying it out now so it should come to me hopefully haha

If you buy one of the books it makes it pretty clear

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