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BBB 8 Rep Sets, What %?



I am really starting to enjoy this 531 thing!
Just have one question regarding the different variations of BBB.

In the book i found the following:

5x10 @50%
5x5 @80% (currently using)
5x3 @90%

I really enjoy 8 rep sets and was wondering what % i would use for 5x8 BBB?

Something like 65-70%, any one knows what Jim recommends?, didn't find any info in the book.


They can be called anything, but I have done opposite movement FSL (5x5-8 with 70%) fro two cycles now with great results. That could be worth checking. Wendler uses the opposite movement FSL 5x3-8 with some challenges, like strength challenge (which I’m prob. going to do after deload).


BBB variation II in the Beyond Book has you doing 5x8 at %70 on week 2. Check it out, page 20.


There is always this


Sweet, thanks guys!

70% it is!

Thinking about mixing 5x5 with 5x8 for the bbb during the cycles, maybe even 5x3.
Never been a fan of 10s :slight_smile: