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BBB 6 Week Challenge Feedback

I have just finished the BBB 6 Week Challenge and wanted to share my experience.

I completed the 5x10 @ 70% challenge in every lift except for the Press, in which I failed in the third set and instead did 50 reps in total

This wasn’t the case with it as a main movement, and I broke PRs almost every week.
My Squat also progressed very well. The Deadlift is currently my best lift, and its progress was fantastic in the past 6 weeks. On the other hand, my Bench sucks. Although I set PRs in the first 3 weeks, there was no progress in the last 3. I understand that they don’t progress at the same rate and that some may skyrocket while the others stagnate, so I will keep pushing. But of course, any tips on the Bench is highly appreciated.

For the people who want to try this challenge or any variation of BBB; although you will read what I am about to write in every thread about the BBB, please do follow this advice if you want to progress:

  1. Eat 1.5g per pound / at least 3g per kg of protein every day along with as much carbs as your body can tolerate without making you morbidly obese.

  2. Do the program as written. I can not stress this enough. Do not add any extra assistance, and do not underestimate the work. The first weeks may look easy, but once you get to 60% it will be really tough, and 70% will make you suffer (especially the deadlift). I did make the mistake of underestimating the work and adding assistance, and even the very insignificant extra work I did in only one workout made me realise the mindlessness in this idea.

Thank you Jim for every answer you gave me during those 6 weeks, and I can’t wait to start the SST after a week of deload.

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You are welcome - thanks for the write up and thanks for reading/listening/adhering.

I wrote an entire article a few weeks back on “7 Truths of Training” - please read it regarding your bench press.

Thank you very much. I will make the most of my average days.

Is there a general guideline on ratios of the main movement RMs to their variations (SST movements in particular) to have an idea? It doesn’t have to be something written, just from your experience and what you have seen with people you have worked with.

There are no guidelines. If you use a variation, you gotta do the work and see where you are. Start too light.

Got it, thank you for your time.