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BBB 6 Week Challenge: Add Weight to Main Lifts?

Quick question here chaps just to clear something up. I’m doing the 6 week BBB challenge where the assistance exercises run at 50% week 1 and 2, then 60% week 3 and 4 and 70% week 5 and 6. My question is, (I’ve read the beyond book and can’t find an answer there) after the first 531 main lifts cycle which ends after week 3, do I still add 10 and 5 lbs to my main lifts? That would mean I’ve done my 50% assistance work week 1 and 2, then week 3 I’m at 60% for my assistance work at the original TM, but do I then add my 10 and 5 lbs to the main lifts meaning week 4 my 60% assistance lifts are 60% of my new TM whereas week 3 was 60% but at the original TM? Hope this makes sense!

Increase the TM, base your BBB work on the new TM. It is a challenge afterall (or don’t - it’s your training)


Ok thanks. Yes I’ll definitely increase the TM, just wanted to clear it up as it didn’t actually stipulate. But makes sense to raise it up because as you say, it is a challenge!