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BBB 5x5 Exercise Choice

Looking for other to chime in on their BBB 5x5 experiences. Main questions is there any difference in results from using the same core movement of the day for your BBB sets vs the opposite? Ex. Squat 531then deadlift 5x5.

To me the main difference seems to be the later will take a little longer and make you less sore. Many suggest this is superior to a natural lifter as well. Yet I have seen lately Jim suggesting to stick to the same movement for both. My only guess as to why is it’s faster and less likely for someone to screw it up.

I am pressed for time lately which has led to 531, just finished my 4th cycle and am enjoying things a lot but I need to fix the leg DOMs to keep my daily performance up. Thanks

From what I understand, if you’re doing a LOT of supplemental work (like BBB 5x10 as a supplement), you want to use the same lift for the 531 main lift and the supplement. The thought being that it would be too much to recover from if you did, say, 531 squats on Monday and then 5x10 BBB squats as a supplement to another lift on Thursday. If you’re doing 5x5 FSL, for example, you could pair a different supplement with the main 531 lift, as the 5x5 FSL isn’t going to be that taxing.

I would be looking to keep it as simple as possible. Main work, BBB, chins for assistance on upper days, and leg raises for assistance on lower days. Jumping rope in between BBB sets.

Can 5x5@80% be run for several cycles on end or is it recommended to cycle the reps and %?

Just do this:

Leader (2 cycles)

Mobility work
Jumps/Throws - 10
Main lift - 5’s PRO, 5x5 FSL
Assistance - 25-50, all 3 categories

Anchor (1 cycle)

Mobility work
Jumps/throws - 10
Main lift - PR set, 3x5 FSL
Assistance - 25-50, all 3 categories

Keep the same lift for the supplemental that you do for the main lift. So squat - 5’s PRO, Squat 5x5 FSL

Make sure you start with the appropriate TM at the beginning of the program.


Thanks for your input Jim, I value and respect it. Couple quick questions as I haven’t sprung for the new book yet (own 2nd and beyond). Would you want 25-50 reps in all 3 categories everyday regardless of movement? Also do you prefer FSL over BBB? Reason being I have a enough equipment for basic barbell movements plus a few dumbbells, which is one of the reasons BBB is such an attractive assistance program for me

Yes - you do the three categories regardless. I mention in the book that a HUGE part of assistance work is common sense and choosing exercises based on what you did/what you are going to do AND how you feel that day. So as long as you are smart about it, which isn’t that hard to do, you’ll be fine.

Yes, in general, I like FSL better than BBB. BBB is good but for long term improvement and recovery, it seems to fit better into a program. Remember that a program is different than a template. A program is looking a huge calendar; a template is looking a training week.

That’s not to say BBB doesn’t work, but you asked about doing 5x5, and using FSL work with 5’s PRO allows for the intensity to wave from week to week with a light/medium/heavy week.

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