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BBB: 5x10 with Main Lift or Opposite?

Hey guys and Jim
First time I’ve asked a question here I have been doing 531 for a year now and I was going to start Boring But Big as I read it out of Beyond. (haven’t been able to purchase forever yet) My question is I have read some on the blog that some people are doing the 5x10 sets on the same lift as the 531 lift? So squat with squat etc etc as opposed to squat with deads and shoulder press with bench as it states in Beyond? or is this simply a lifter preference? thanks for the help

also does anyone have the template for the Boring but Strong challenge the link to the site doesn’t load for me? I was wanting to read through the programming for it just out of curiosity


I prefer same as I was warmed up.

Not sure what you mean by download. BBB challenge is on this site as an article.

In Forever, it’s suggested to use the same lift. Cuts off warmup time and keeps you focused on one lift per time. Another option is to do the same lift twice a week on opposite days - i.e. doing BBB bench both after press and bench, or BBB squat both after deads and squats. This does NOT apply for deads - keep them 1/week

stick with the same lift for the day - it helps keep you focused on that lift for the day and reduces the warmup time.


You can do either. There are pro’s and con’s.

I have done it both ways. The main reason I chose to do a different supplemental than the main work was that I found I recovered better not putting too much strain on one particular muscle group in one session. Also being able to switch it up makes BBB a little less “boring”. Of course there is the extra setup/warmup time but honestly you will already be warm from your main work so it shouldn’t take you long to warm up to a 40-60% TM.

On the flip side (this is purely my opinion from experience) I feel you don’t get as much as a hypertrophy effect from doing a different supplemental lift. The muscle fatigue isn’t quite the same.

Once I adapted to the volume I ended up doing the same supplemental as main work as recovery was no longer an issue. Just look at your current work capacity, strength levels, and experience and decide what is best for you.


I think it depends on how your body responds to exercise. I need frequency to improve a lift, others can do a lift once a week making the same progress. My best suggestion would be to try it one way for one cycle and the other for one more and then do a third using whichever you liked and responded to better