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BBB 531 Questions

Ive just finished my deload week now for the BBB 531 and i have a few questions. first, i fucking love it. that pump from the 5x10 sets are so sick. i don’t think anyone realizes going into it how nasty 5x10 squats at 50% TM are, especially after your 531 exercise. second, for the last set of the 531 exercises i’ve been going for max reps. for me that’s the best part of 531, as you really go for broke. however, after reviewing some things there are articles that say not to, and articles where it is recommended. thoughts? finally 3rd, is arm work allowed on upper body day? (curls/tri ext, etc for 3x10). thanks for any response, i don’t want to “major in the minors” at all but definitely would like some feedback.

ive used this as my reference point:

You are looking at the BBB challenge that’s why there is no amrap sets

The regular BBB includes the amrap

And yes u can do curls etc as they don’t really matter anyway