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BBB: 50 Total Reps, not 5x10


Hello everyone,first timer here.First to thank Jim for 531 and his coaching on T-Nation.It means a lot.I am currently on BBB and my question is regarding 5x10 sets.If I am doing 5x10@60% of TM,would it be ok to do 50 reps at same weight but not necessarily in 5 sets.I am only asking because I had great success with pull ups and rowing done this way.Just do 50 reps with given weight as quickly as possible no matter how many sets.Thanks again.


Jim outlines something like this in the Beyond book. It's called the rule of 50. Basically exactly as you described it. 50 total reps by any means necessary


There you go - question answered in the Beyond book. I write them so you can read them. Check em out.


Just googled "531 rule of 50" and its true!Thank you man,you just made my day.I wonder if same approach could be used for 5x5@80%(25reps) 5x3@90%(15reps) etc.Cheers!


Thanks Jim.Saw your post a bit to late.I wont pretend I bought your book,I learned about 531 on various forums and making best of it.


I couldn't see why not, other than the fact that you'd have to actually use your brain when programming an approach like this and not get too crazy with it.


Well i have a history of getting too crazy with everything.Like I always have to do more.Thank you for replying.


The E-books are inexpensive and although 5/3/1 is my go to program, they are worth reading for entertainment value alone.