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BBB 3 Month Challenge

Hey all,

Ran 531 for a couple of years, and BBB on and off throughout. Am planning a solid few months of BBB so thought I’d try the 3 month challenge. Couple of things I’d like to ask (and hoping they aren’t daft questions).

1, Do you do the 5x10 for the same lift as your main 5 pro’s lift for the day? Or the alternate lift?

2, Do you do a deload after each cycle? Or run through the three cycles before a deload?

3, I’m assuming we increase the TM each cycle as usual? So the BBB 60% for cycle two and BBB 70% for cycle three are based off the new TM’s?

Thank you

Looking forward to this challenge!!

  1. Whichever you prefer. I never saw any major advantage to swapping the supplemental so I generally don’t.

  2. Again, up to you. You know your body and recovery better than us. Deload before you need to.

  3. Yes, base them off new TM’s.


Awesome! Straight to the point answers, thank you.

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The free blog section of Jim’s private website has an updated version of the BBB 3 month challenge. You’ll have to go back 18 months to 2 years and hunt a little bit for it, but it may be worthwhile if you’re gonna take on this challenge.

Edit: January 11, 2017 -so almost 3 years ago

Came here to ask the same question 3 as you. What kind of mind reading sorcery is this. :slight_smile:

Thanks dagill2.

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When I did it, I did the other lower body/uppbody lift

For example:
Bench 5/3/1 sets
OHP 5x10
Supersetted with Pullups 5x10 (I was liight enough to pull off 5x10 back then)

For lower body it was
Squat 5/3/1 sets
Deadlifts 5x10 (These were killer)
and Ab Rollout or hanging leg raise after

Not sure if this was right, but I did push the last sets of each 5/3/1 and would calculate my new 1RM accordingly and change my numbers based on 90% of that

I never mess with my numbers after hitting PRs.