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BBB 3 Month Challenge Update


just finishing my 1st week of the 2nd month of the BBB3MC. the first month was awesome. weights were a breeze for the 531 portions, the assistance 5x10 left me with a sick pump with justttt the right amount of gas left in the tank on the very last rep, however, i didnt think 50% of my TM in sets of ten would be as difficult as it was, especially on that last set. now starting 2nd month, i have one thing to say; THE PAIN IS REAL. 5x10 at %60 is so brutal i love it in the worst way, altho i definitely felt ill the next day after deadlift 531 with 5x10 squats. im eating like a horse as prescribed (3.2k cals training days ~3k off days) ive made some noticeable gains in strength and size. alittle bit of water, alittle bit of fluff, and a decent amount of size especially in my legs and glutes. hoping to power through it like a champ. thanks jim wendler, i never thought id have so much trouble sitting down to take a crap haha.


I’m doing this too and I just hit phase 2 last week. You are not kidding about the pain, though the weights are all doable. It’s really more of a mental challenge especially on squats. But once you do it you know you can do it so it makes it better. Simple but brutal.


@ultimatethor for real man. I told myself “ok if i can make it to the 4th set of 10 i can do the 5th.” not gonna lie the squats after deadlifts were the roughest part. unfortunately, as of last nite i fucked up my lower back somehow in my sleep, so I’m off all training for a week as per my doctors orders. i can barely walk at the moment. pretty pissed, as you can imagine. the irony; i can deadlift 500lbs but i apparently cant sleep in a normal position. after a week of complete rest, I’m going to do the deload from last month then start month 2 over again. fml :frowning:


Ugh, that is a bummer. I tweaked my back moving a bike of all things but thankfully it didn’t set me back. You are 100% right about the squats after deadlifts, those are beyond brutal. Hang in there and heal up soon!


On week 3 of phase 2 and it definitely gets better. All my BBB sets are basically cake now and I can’t wait to get to the final phase. It scares and excites me at the same time. Increasing rest periods each cycle for my BBB sets helped a lot.


Why would you eat less calories on the days you are recovering? That makes ZERO sense.


@Jim_Wendler i had always assumed i wanted to match my energy output or lack thereof with the amount of calories and kind of calories i consumed on that day. im probably thinking too much into it though. better for me if i can eat more on all they days!