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BBB 3 Month Challenge, Twice the Squat?



Issue is to get mass (did bbb last Jan, worked well) and improve my shitty squat at the same time. So shitty squat needs more squat; is it possible to include another squat of some sort into the program. I know it has 5x10 and it is already twice, but still. Finishing my cube strongman on the end of the year and then bbb, so i liked to get mass AND improve squat.

Or do i just do bbb and then focus on squat?


It's not a template, it's a challenge. Do it as is, or do something else.

The challenge is written the way it is for a reason.

If you wanted improve your Squat, just pick a strength template, do it as is. What is going to happen is that, not only your Squat will improve but also your bench, deadlift and OHP.

Good luck