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BBB 3 Month Challenge: Superset Pulls/Chins with Both Presses?

What’s up everyone, new to the forum, this is my first post. I’m about to start the BBB 3-month challenge, and I was wondering; would it be smart to superset the pulls/chins with both pressing motions, ala the offseason powerlifting program? I have some slight shoulder issues from high school football, and found doing those supersets helped tremendously. Other than this, doing the program exactly as is. Thanks, fellas, and happy training.

That is fine - keeps the training moving/shorter.


Well, since this is a question about the same program, I’ll ask it here. My deadlift, bench, and overhead press are still progressing, especially my deadlift. However, I feel like my squat is about to/beginning to stall. I just did the 5 week of the second month of the challenge, and the squats felt a little slow/difficult (only had ~2-3 reps left). Should I stay the course for this month, then just not increase my squat or go back a cycle? Thanks for the reply, and the program is great!

I would suggest starting a new thread. I believe you’ll have better luck.

Yep, this is a great long term program where there will be some cycles that not all lifts go up.

The book describes how to handle this scenario better than I can, but…

When one of my lifts don’t get stronger in a cycle I usually approach it a few ways depending on what my body is telling me:

  1. If my lift didn’t increase as expected, but I feel like I didn’t necessarily push the lift as hard as I should of through the month (for whatever reason) - INCREASE TM AS PRESCRIBED and hit make it my mission to get this lift stronger
  2. If my lift didn’t increase as expected, I gave it my all but I don’t feel beat up (no muscle soreness, joint pain, etc) - MAINTAIN CURRENT TM for the next cycle.
  3. If my lift didn’t increase as expected, I gave it my all but my knees, CNS, lower back, etc are screaming at me - DROP TM BACK A CYCLE and work my way back up through the plateau (ideally)

Again, these are just a few tactics I’ve tried while running this and other similar programs and have seemed to keep my lifts growing.
Hope some of this info helps you!

For the challenge, I recommend you start with NO HIGHER than 90% of your TM. This means that you should be able to hit 3 reps with your TM to start the challenge - ideally 3 STRONG reps. Generally, we use an 85% TM for most of the programs and strive to keep the TM around that (there are exceptions that we would use a lower TM).

So each program/challenge should be done with the appropriate TM to begin with. Make sure your TM is correct for your squat - look at your TM and if you can’t hit a strong 3 reps with it, adjust it so that it is so.

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So what you’re saying is to take 90% of your 1RM (the training max) and use 90% of that for the challenge?