BBB 3 Month Challenge, Re-calculating TM After 4th Week?

I’m starting week 4 of the BBB 3-month challenge. For the 4 week, the deload week, I wanted to check my TMs to see if I was on track. I had an OHP TM of 155, so after my warm ups, I put 135 up and did it 6 times. Using the formula, it gives me a 1 RM of 165. But 80% of that is 130 for my TM.

What should I do here? Should I finish the BBB challenge and then recheck and adjust accordingly, or should I start again with a 130 TM? The first week’s assistance exercises weren’t too bad, but the next two months are gonna be tough.

I imagine the other TMs might be off too.

Thanks in advance for the advice and help.

When did you do 135 for 6? If you did it in week one, your TM is too high and you should lower it. If everything feels good and you are well above the 5/3/1 requirements for the week, keep going and do not adjust. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the challenge, but just keep going for the 6 weeks and adjust. No need in changing anything. Trust in the process

I did it this week, week 4 of the BBB 3 month challenge. It’s my deload week during the challenge before I go up in weight. I read somewhere that you can also use your deload week to check your TMs.

Looking back at week 1, 85% of my TM was 135lbs. I just did 5 and stopped, like he recommends. So maybe it is too high.

Here’s my thoughts, which may mean nothing in the real world.

1.) The Boring But Big Challenge was presumably designed as a challenge for lifters who have already had success using the basic BBB template. At first glance, this does not seem to be the case with you. Jim has stated that this challenge is not appropriate for those new to his program.

2.) My experience is that there is no need to check if your TMs are correct every after every cycle. The newest protocol is to do this before starting a 3 cycle program, and then again after it. Would it be wrong to assume you didn’t test before starting the challenge?

Right, I didn’t check them right before starting the challenge. I had been using the full-body workout from 5/3/1 2d ed., and I had increased my TMs 3 or 4 times on that program. I just continued with my TMs from that and was looking to try the challenge to get stronger.

Usually the only reason to recalculate like this after the first cycle is because you started with a TM too high in the first place, is that the case here?

Maybe. That’s what it feels like.

I would NOT test during the deload week. The deload week is a, well deload, not a test week.
Think you are mixing the 7th week deload/test week, somewhat.
If you felt strong during the first cycle, then keep on doing it.
It’s a challenge, you picked the weight to start with. Try to finish it. But please don’t test on the deload week.
After the challenge, deload again, and do the 7th week testweek, before a new program.

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