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BBB 3 Month Challenge, Help Needed with Plan

I am just starting out with BBB 3 month challenge. I have been doing SL and want to start adding some hypertrophy. Everytime I think i understand it I start seeing diffferent variations. My only problem is the correct 531 method. I have put up an example here of the workout I did yesterday


5 reps 40%

5 reps 50%

3 reps 60%

5 reps 65%

5 reps 75%

5 reps 85%

Squats 50% 5 sets 10 reps
Ab roller 5 sets 10 reps
Thank you in advance

That looks fine.

Do you have the books?

I have 2nd edition ordered has we speak. I couldnt decide to get that one or beyond. I heard you didnt need both. Wasnt sure so figured just
get second edition

I kind of agree, yeah. That should explain the principles pretty well, which is the key.

Keep us updated how it goes.

I will and thank you

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