BBB 3 Month Challenge Finished. Next Up?

Been doing the BBB 3 month challenge and just finished it,had awesome strength gains and started pushing heavy and feeling good doing it, i want to take a week off the start another BBB, what do you guys think of that?
Should i do another 3 month challenge or follow the BBB template in the book which in goes for 27 weeks, and also if i do the template from the beyond book can i still do and follow the same assistance work from BBB 3 month challenge.

thanks all

PS- jim this shit works!!! thank you

I just finished a three month challenge myself and I’m moving into the strength challenge as Jim has it written in the book. I’m doing it to prepare for a meet however, so if your goals are more long-term I would suggest trying the 27 weeks of BBB. I’ll probably do that after my meet to take a nice long off-season. If you don’t want to wait that long to test your one rep max however, I would suggest the strength challenge. Just my 2 cents.

Challenges best not done back to back.

Do Triumvirate or this for a couple cycles…