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BBB 3 Month Challenge Completed. Now What?


I’ve just completed my first 3 month cycle. I chose to combine 5’s pro with BBB as assistance which worked well and delivered me gains in each of the 4 lifts (I am only a relative beginner). What should I do next? I am off to Thailand for two weeks and then I am keen to start a new cycle when I get back. Should I just repeat what I did (as it worked?) or do something else?


5 cycles forward, of which 2-3 5’s PRO + BBB and 2-3 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL + BW Assistance (Base Program), then 3 cycles back (meaning you back your TM off to where it was 3 cycles before). Also, 6 weeks (2 Cycles) of Training in a row until a Deload are recommended. Warmup, Agile 8, 15-30 Jumps/Throws before weight/strength training, Conditioning must be adapted to the Template you’re running (easier when BBB, harder when Base Program).


What would 5x5 FSL look like,? Sorry if that’s a stupid question.


It is in the books… weight of first set for 5 sets of 5 reps


Having started reading the Beyond book, I too am interested in this topic. Have any of the long time users of the 531 method has success in alternating the BBB challenge with the strength challenge as written in the book?


If you are doing challenges back to back, you are doing them wrong.

Don’t confuse with templates.


-Just get on a classic template like triumvirate