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BBB 3 Month Challenge Alternate or Not?

I’m going to be starting the BBB 3 month challenge in a couple of days and had read.on some forum posts the Wendler now recommended not alternating the main lift and the BBB exercise for regular BBB. So you would do your 5/3/1 of squat then 5x10 squats on the same day. Would it be a good idea to do this for the challenge or should i just do it as originally written? thanks.

As I understand it, alternating lifts was just an option given for people who found BBB too boring.

I would (and probably will), do this. This is the original as I understand it, from the same book as the 3 month challenge.

I did the 3-month challenge past year. Either way you do it, works - just eat more than you think you need.
I alternated. But the absolute simplicity of one lift per day appeals to me too.
As a relatively weak person, I think I benefited from alternating by getting to do each lift twice a week - recovery from low loads is pretty fast. If you’re stronger, maybe you need a week to recover from squats so best do all the damage in a day.
Just my 0.02 FWIW. Good

If your following the BBB challenge from 531 Forever then complete 5 PROs and then 5x10 reps of the same lift.

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Either works, -so doesn’t really matter