BBB 3 Month Challenge: 5s PRO. Assistance %. Deloads

It has been a few years since I have done this challenge and I’ve forgotten some of the details but I’m looking forward to it again and have a few questions.

  1. 5s progression- was thinking i used 5s progression for main lifts when I ran it after advice or seeing Jim recommend that somewhere. Is 5s progression advisable for main lift?

  2. Assistance Work Calculations - not sure why i’m second guessing myself here but I believe I remember increasing training max twice and the 60% assistance and 70% assistance being calculated off of the subsequent increased training maxes, correct?

  3. Deload Weeks- 2 deload weeks, correct? I after the 3 weeks of assistance at 50% and 1 after the 3 weeks of assistance at 60% and before the final 3 weeks at 70%?

  4. Deload Amount- I know that 3x10 assistance is recommended. Should the percentage assistance be calculated as a percent of the deload main lift amount? Or should the percentage assistance used for 3x10 be at the same amount as used in the first 3 weeks of the cycle?

Thanks for any/ all advice!

I have just finished phase 2 of this program so here is my advice:

1-No, just do the minimum reps so you stay fresh for the BBB sets

2-Yes, you are correct
Example-starting Bench Max of 300
Phase 1, 50% of 300
Increase max
Phase 2, 60% of 305
Increase max
Phase 3, 70% of 310


4-Yes, use the same weight as the previous weeks. Base it off the training max of the phase you just completed. Using the example above, if you just completed Phase 1 with a Bench Max of 300 do 3x10 on the week 4 deload with 50% of 300

Hope this helps, good luck and be conservative on your maxes.