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BBB 27wk Template

In Beyond 531 Jim maps out a 27wk BBB template taking it from the 5x10 all the way to the 5x1. I love planning out training in advance and will be starting this January 1st 2018 for a half year of training. Has anyone ever done this full program beginning to end? Any thoughts, advice, or reviews would be awesome.

I’ve just started my 5/3/1 BBB, but I planned 12 weeks in advance. Based on the numbers that I’m seeing, I’ll start hitting my old PRs for 2-5 reps after roughly 12 weeks. Compared to other programs that I’ve run, BBB seems superior to all of them in the sense that at a bare minimum, it will allow us to maintain our strength while also increasing our size. Sorry I couldn’t provide a better review, but I wish you the best on your 5/3/1 journey!

I finished the 27 week BBB and man what a ride really liked it a lot the 5x1 weeks really made me do some mental checking, had issues with my bench asked Jim for his thoughts about an ideal I had and he helped my get back on course and stay NOV thanks a lot Jim. TM’s were up and down I didn’t do the add 5,10 lb I let my 5-3-1 week determine what the TM was gonna be and just kept going for rep maxes.

I know you shouldn’t do FSL and jokers but I always did FSL’s on press, bench,squat with pauses, because I am a raw lifter with wraps and once in a while do a couple sets of jokers. If you go down this journey you will also want to be very selective about your supplemental / accessory work. THANK YOU JIM for the great programs, and the only other thing I can say is do it as written the program works!!!

My TM’s were based on my 1+ week and yes there was a lot of recalculating and some stayed the same for a couple cycles and when the TM stayed the same that is when I would set a goal for reps. so here is the history 49 yrs old start weight was 187, ohp e1rm was 130 lbs. now is 146 lbs. by way of 115x9 Deads started with 396 (395) comp max is 440 with dead lift bar train with power bar ,e1rm is 450 by way of 350x10 , Bench well that has been a struggle comp max 225 TM 202 (200) now is e1rm is 241 by way of 190x9 Squat comp max 336 with wraps TM 300 no wraps through out the 27 weeks now is e1rm 350 by way of 305x5 ending weight is 190.

I am pleased with the results now going to move on to the strength phase going to start with out wraps and may repeat cycles with wraps it depends on if a meet comes up missed out on the last one. have been on 5-3-1 for 3 yrs now. Have not competed for since Oct. 2012 , some times life slows things down.
this was three years ago hope it helps

Thank you! Very helpful. Can’t wait to start it.