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BBB 27 Weeks Challenge Percentages?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

first of all sorry in advance for my failing english. :confused:

I explain my problem to you, hoping that someone can help me
I will try to be as precise as possible

I will soon attack the Boring But big 27 weeks challenge program from the book Beyond 531

I will use the exercises from the “3 month challenge” on this link:

Which give : (I just changed the days at my convenience and added a calf exercise)

And here is the programming that I rewritten

what I understood :

  • we do not do PR at the end of the series on the main work (5+,3+,1+), just the number of rep at the good percentage, no more.

  • Add 2 kg for the main upper body movements (BENCH & MILITARY PRESS) and 4 to 5 kg for the main lower body movements (SQT / DL) on 90% (or TM same thing)

Example: MAX on bench = 100 kg
1 RM = 100X0.9 = 90 kg

Percentages for 90kg are used in the first cycle

Second cycle 90 + 2kg = 92 kg
92kg as the basis for percentages

ect …
all the part on the main movements 531 is understood I think in addition I have an excel table which calculates everything for me.

My questions is about the boring but big series

I take an example
I have my max at 100kg with bench press Same principle as for the series of 531, I take 90% = 90kg So 50% of 90kg (BBB set 5x10 @ 50% TM) = 45kg

For week 1, cycle 1 (on the my spreadsheet above) for example I should do 5x10 @ 45 kg suddenly.

But then for the other weeks?

For weeks 2 and 3 of cycle 1 for example, do I have to stay at the same weight? I am supposed to increase only in cycle 2 and add 2kg to my TM?
So leave with 50% for 90 + 2kg = 92%?
= 46 kg

I do not know what you think but it is super low as intensity?

If we really have to follow like this, I’m not sure I understand.

Can we increase the intensity? Going directly to 60% TM? Or do something else? Or is it normal and I really have to stick to it and trust the program?

It’s just that I find it low in charge. And even if it’s supposed to go up every 3 weeks (on every cycle), it doesn’t go up much.

Another question :

When we change the format of the BBB set, or example in cycle 3 week 8 (see my table)

We must pass on 5x5 @ 80%TM

The 80% we take them on the TM of the beginning, or the current TM updated with each cycle?

Same question for the 5x3 @ 90 TM, we calculate with the updated TM?

There, I sincerely hope that someone can help me.

If I’m not understandable enough tell me

thank you in advance
Kind looks :smiley:


Nobody can help me ? :confused:



If you want to do the program, do the program. If not, don’t.

Use your current TM for all calculations.

Has that answered everything?

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Oh man thank you very much !!!

Do you think I can find a way to increase the intensity from week to week in the same BBB series cycle? 3 weeks at the same weight (very light …)

And thank you again

I’m sure that you can, I’m not sure that you should.

Jim seems to be bigger and stronger than me, soni tend to defer to his opinion.

Yes, you’re right I’m not sure how to do

it It’s just that being 3 weeks in a row at the same weight bothers me a little …

Then do a program that doesn’t bother you.

Your main lifts are still waving in intensity weekly, right?

A program that doesn’t bother me, that is?

Oh man, I’m going to do this program, I want to do it and fight it too

Do you think I should follow the program 100% so stay 50% for the bbb series?
Even if it sounds simple?

I can always increase the time under tension, continuous tension ect … to add difficulty

Yes the main movements have ondulations

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I think you should either do this program as written, or another program as written.

Ok no problem
Thanks for your help dagill2 :slight_smile:

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