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BBB 2-3 Days A Week


Anybody run the BBB 2-day template and had success? I believe it goes:

Week 1:
531 Squat

531 Bench

Week 2:
531 DL
BBB Squat

531 OHP
BBB Bench

I'm interested in doing BBB but was trying to avoid the 4 day variation so I was curious if anyone ran this and had success. Another option could be to do the standard 4 day BBB but over 3 days where the 4th day gets pushed into the following week (turns the 4 week cycle into a 6 week cycle).

I'm focusing on increasing strength, but adding mass is definitively a secondary goal.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve had great success training 3 days/week, I tend to feel fresher and more recovered doing so. That being said I’ve also had success training 4 days/week and also 2 days/week. Experiment and find what works best for you, a common theme within this forum. As Jim has stated countless times; it’s the principles that matter.


Thanks. I’ve read so much about so many different variations. One article from Jim that I read mentioned that with BBB you should be able maintain strength on the program. That messed me up a bit. So I’m just trying to see if my priorities where #1 strength and #2 size, if BBB makes sense for what I’m trying to accomplish. Just a sanity check so I don’t spend months of working in the wrong direction.

Thanks again.


If you are setting PR’s on your main sets then you are getting stronger. BBB works great for increasing strength, just make sure you’re not being a slap-dick on the volume work: set up correctly and perform each rep with purpose.

Remember that a bigger muscle has the potential to be a stronger muscle. Strength and size should complement each other.

The bottom line is if you have serious doubts it won’t work, nothing you doubt will. So find something you believe in and go get it.


Actually decided to start a FSL setup next week. Pretty pumped about it. Thanks for the feedback.