B'ball Players Get Fashion Conscious


[quote]Players from four elite basketball universities will be hitting the court this week with distinctly different Nike uniforms that showcase their upper bodies and a little less leg …

The new look is decidedly different. The jerseys are tighter and the shorts are longer and baggier. And players have an option of “personalizing” their look with aerodynamic underlayer tops and leggings.

Nike says the look creates a “dramatic new silhouette” and responds to player requests …

The form-fitting jerseys and the baggier shorts are made of a lightweight breathable material, Nike said. Beneath the shorts and jerseys, players will have of a choice of wearing long, short-sleeve or sleeveless Nike compression tops and padded compression shorts and leggings. The sleek shape of the underlayer resembles the design of Nike’s competitor, Under Armour.[/quote]

I don’t follow sports much, but is there really any need for this, aside from player’s morale?

Those aren’t shorts, they are short pants.

To me it looks like they are trying to accent the upper body mass and hide the wheels. Legs are like Rodney Dangerfield, they get no respect.

It seems rather bizarre.

I hate it when Nike does shit like this.

I have yet to see a uniform that got ‘Nikeed’ and ended up looking better than it did before.

At a distance, it looks like they are wearing a dress. Especially the one in the red.

You could lose the ball up those things when trying a crossover between the legs, or don’t they worry about “ball skills” anymore…

I was just hoping they’d be pulling their damn shorts up and dressing like adults when I opened the thread.

Guess not.

I dunno, I kinda like em.

I mean, if you go play in a pickup game anywhere in the summer with kids, 90% of people out there are wearing baggy shorts and either a wife beater or no shirt. So I guess this is more of an attempt to model that style.

Nike rev 2. Leotards.