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BBall: Coach Davies & others

I’m a high school basketball player and wanted to know what type of lifts and training I should be doing for my upper body. I already do squats, cleans, snatches, push jerks, and plyometrics for my lower body. Since basketball is such a leg dominant sport, what lifts should I do for my upper body? Thanks.

I will be pleased to discuss but it is merely the exercises you do but how you do them. I am definately repeating myself but I often run into athletes who train like bodybuilders. The goal of your training must be to improve your court. It certainly sounds like you are familiar with the O-lifts - is this so? I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

you probably dont need push jerks… push press for Upper body, along with militarys, incline bench and extensive tricep excercises (use what WSB uses). Naturally throwin rows and chins for ballance.