BB Vs.PL PWO Nutrition

Alot is talked about post workout pre workout and peri workout (during workout) nutrition.

It seems to me that all of this information is focused on a bodybuilding style workout. I bring this up because recently I have switched from a strictly heavy lifting type of workout to a higher TUT shorter rest bodybuilding phase. During this time I have added back my maltodextrion to my PWO shake and I feel it makes a huge difference while when I was just lifting heavy I definitely was gaining bodyfat using the maltodextrin…

I do what most would consider a powerlifting oriented workout.

I use a 30g WPI, 90g (50/50 malto/dextrose) mixture with 10g BCAA and 5g Creatine post workout.

I make a watered down version to sip on during workouts sometimes.

Most of the time it’s just a big meal pre-workout and lots of water during.