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BB vs DB Bench Strength Difference


I am working on correcting my muscle imbalance of a overally strong chest and weak back. I am aiming for a 1-1 strength ratio for bent over rows and barbell bench. However Barbell bench at this point bothers my shoulder so I only dumbell bench so hows the equivilency like a 1.5xbw bench = ________xbw dumbell bench ect. Thanks.


Dude, don't worry about it so much. Just get stronger than whatever you can do now.

If you're repping 225 you should be able to do 100-110 on all DB variations. If you're repping 315 you should be able to do 125-135s.


There is no ratio. There are people at my gym who can do more than me on DB, but I smoke them on barbell.


I think it's different for everyone, I am prolly the same strength in both mainly cause I rarely do barbell and im just a spazoid with a barbell in my hand lol.


You can check it with db row (lawnmowers) vs dumbell bench, same weight, same reps.


I'd wager a guess and say those are the people who "need help" on the first rep and do 1/2 reps the rest of the way.


some people might work with dbs more than barbells, so theyre naturally gonna be stronger with barbells. i remember when i didnt bb bench much and dbs benched incline and flat and was getting ridiculouslly strong with them, but then came to bb benching and sucked. im working with powerlifting routines now and now using dbs much and now my bb bench has gone up a lot. depends what your muscles are used to a guess