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BB/Trainer/Gym Near Albany, NY?

Hey guys, does anyone know if there are any good trainers or gyms that focus towards competetive bodybuilding around Albany NY? Id like to talk to someone about routines and diet and all the trainers at the golds im a part of don’t really seem to know much about bodybuilding. At all. But they are all experts on yoga. Any info or PM’s would be great i havent been that happy with my progress so far and size gains.

I go to best fitness in albany and one of the trainers there helps with different types of bodybuilding routines and i believe he also helps out with the nutrition and posing aspects too, i think he and his wife have a personal training business

Albany Strength is the “hardcore” gym in the area. Dumbbells up to 200 lbs. monolift, elitefts power racks, GHR, and reverse hyper. And I think it’s only $35 a month, if you pay by they month.

Plus it’s right next door to a ‘fried chicken and pizza’ place, with a bar right across the street!

thats true, but its all geared towards powerlifting and hes more interested in bodybuilding, and i think albany strength is actually a lot cheaper then that, its like 150 for a yr

It’s $140 for a year.