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BB Show Week Programming

suppose your normal routine is something like
thursday back

ok so would you continue to train heavy during show week and would it be wise to train 1 day or a day before your show?

Scroll down to training guidelines

The standard old school advice is to do your last legworkout 4-5 days before the show, cut back training volume and do a butt-load of posing

You definitely want to be careful with volume

I think people go way too crazy with depletion workouts

For most people do your last leg workout 7 days out

Probably want to just rest and pose thrusday Friday. When you stop training, its actually way easier to fill out. People get too neurotic with last minute workouts. Just rest and pose and fill out.

Probably want to cut out cardio by Wednesday at the latest

I used to stop squatting 2 weeks out, last leg session a week out, even if you do depletion workouts, keep the volume in check, and most of all, remember that an over fatigued muscle doesn’t carb load well, so try and be somewhat rested for contest day.