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BB Rows/Shoulder Pain, Leg Work/Knee Health

I have been fooling around with weightlifting for a few years, but only since August have I grown balls and seriously began working out. I have been focusing on the big compound lifts versus curls and tricep rope extensions. I was an extreme fatty, lost a bunch of weight but am still fat. I weigh 220 and I used to weigh 305. Yes, I am still a lard ass, but Im trying to focus on building up some decent muscle before I cut down to 175 or so.

Having said all of that my first question is, when doing a bentover barbell row I get pain in my left shoulder. I thought the cause of this was bringing up the bar to high(mid chest). I tried it again and only brought the bar two my sternum. I am using smooth movements and not jerking the bar. My shoulder seems to hurt in the armpit/front area the most. I looked in my notebook and when the pain started I did a heavy set of bench press the day before. Is my shoulder just over worked or should I be really concerned?

Second question is because of my weight growing up I have the Jonah Hill/Superbad fat guy knock knees. I am able to lift heavier weights now, deads at 335 and squats at 215. Should I start worrying about my knees?


  1. Pain in left shoulder armpit/front area when doing bentover BB rows. Overwork or concern?

  2. Have fat guy knock knees, should I be worried about knee health as I am starting to lift heavier weights now.

Thank you for your serious and smart ass answers in advance.