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BB Olympic Style

Ok, for those who read my my other post in regard to my hypertophy cycle that is centered around OL, I just wanted to say thank for all the input. I’m probably going to move the workouts that you suggested to a word doc. I wanted to give you my thoughts on my first workout. I want to just coast thru this week and get a feel for things. I guess that I under estimated how hard this program would be. It was hard. here’s how it went my weights:

Front Squat(cleand weight to shoulders): 1355 1855 2055 2055 205*5;
(my best FS is at least 330 (can’t remember exactly), but these weights still gave me a workout

Snatch : 655 755 855 855 85*5
I can snatch 209 without much problem, but 85lb gave me that I wanna puke feeling. Maybe it was the squats earlier.

Power Jerk : 655 855 955 955 95*5
Felt good and light, what I was striving for this week

Hang Clean : Same a Power Jerk

Overhead Press(cleaned to shoulders) :
655 755 855 855 85*5
Again easy like I had planned

So it looks like I just went heavier than anticipated, but all in all everything felt pretty good. I was lifting on the crappiest bar that I’ve ever lifter on in my life and still managed a decent, albeit light, workout.

I don’t plan on boring you guys with an update of every workout, because honestly that would be lame. I may give one update at the end of the week if I discover a major overhaul needs to be made. Otherwise, you’ll hear from me in about 4 weeks. Wish me luck.

Sweet. I put some OLY type lifts in my upper body routine today. Power cleans and one arm DB snatches, in addition to military presses and grip and abs. I can already tell my traps are going to hurt tomorrow! It was a great workout though, hard as crap.

Olifter…I think that if you can snatch 205 and fs 330…you should go heavier in those workouts.
I’m thinking like 165 for snatches, power jerks of 205 and fs of 225.

Ok, this will be my last update till the end of the cycle. I just want to say that after one very light week I think that this program is going to work very well. Doing OL for higher reps is hard. You could distinguish my workout area just from the big drops of sweat near the squat rack. Anyway, repititious OL is some good stuff. I highly recommend it. Split snatches and cleans are fun. Give them a try as well.

Off topic, but I like your “John Grimek” avatar. Greatest bodybuilder ever.

I absolutely agree. Even better than Arnold. I think that I may get flamed for that. But I feel it is the truth. He is a good example of what a drug free lifter can aspire to become.


   Very cool idea. I am trying to put on some mass while keeping up my OL training, This is probably a pretty obvious point, but I have found that it's easier to do hypetrophy rep ranges with appreciable weight with snatch and clean pulls than with the corresponding lifts themselves; it is easier to maintain proper form because the exercises are less complex.