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BB Lifestyle and Long Life


Been reading around and i have found that having a diet that is high in calories leads to an early demise. Makes sense, youd be burning more 'fuel' in your body thus wearing it out faster. Also heard that in a study scientsts found animals with controlled low calorie diets lived 40% longer.

So, was wondering if anyone has heard of any studies or concrete facts on how much it shortens ones lifespan.

oye! Drink it up


Sure, and you can live a few years longer as a calorie-deprived skeleton. Who cares?



That sounds a little weak to me.
I think quality of those calories should be the primary focus; quantity secondary.


If I recall correctly, one criticism of those studies was that they had only shown significant life extension in small animals (e.g. lab mice). Whether the same effects would be seen in larger animals (dogs, cows...), much less humans, is still very debatable.

As for me, I don't want to be hungry my entire fucking life.


Screw that, I'll burn out fast and leave a beautiful corpse.


i think eating less of the typical american diet would promote longevity.


yep excess carlorie consumption producing elavated levels of ROS's which decrease life expectancy...

Just dont eat "bulking diets" when you take in like 4000 + cals/day... 2000-3000 should be ok


Yeah, and you're strength will probably shoot throw the roof and you'll avoid gaining that functionless muscle mass too. Hooray for low cal diets. [/sarcasm]


I assume that low calorie means below maintance. How is it possible to do this consistently through out your life with out dying from malnutrition?

Maybe it is just me, but I have never seen any 90 year old anorexics; that have been anorexic since their teens.

Was Karen Carpenter or the starving ethiopian apart of these stupid studies?


Sometimes I think we get too hung up on quantity of life vs. quality.

I'd rather live to be a healthy, happy, independent 85 to 90 yr old than to be some poor 100+ yr old dependant on others to survive and being tied to a hospital gurney being spoon fed baby food and unable to remember the people I love.

Who wants to live forever anyway?



I wanna live forever, but only as master of the universe.


This is a bodybuilding forum. If your goal is simply to try to live longer than everyone else, I would suggest buying a bubble to live in and getting the rest of your meals through a straw from now on.

Bottom line, everyone dies. No matter how young you think you are or how strong, eventually, you are going to die. I personally would rather live for 8 decades, enjoy my life to the fullest and make an impact on the world (possibly even write a few books or do something worthy of having one written about me) than simply try to live the longest for 10 decades in a much weaker, less experienced body.

Quality over quantity.


This explains a lot.



I've always liked the phrase "Intensity over longevity".

I'd rather have thirty awesome ones then sixty boring ones. That's just me though.


ok prof X well whats your take on ROSs then??? you're a physician right


I'm not all that old, but I'm already thinking about how I want to go out.

I don't think I went to spend several decades lying on my back in a bed watching reruns on TV while I wait for some cruel nurse to sponge my balls and change my bedpan.

It might be nice to find some type of cause worth dying for and to make one final stand.

Who knows, but I've got a lot of time to figure it out.


Rodents On Steroids? They only live in the Fire Swamp. They grow up to be ROUSs (Rodents of Unusual Size).


ROS is not a medical term. What are you speaking of?


reactive oxidative species, produced as a byproduct of cellular respiration.


Why would anyone worry about this? A lot of things can lead to an "early demise." I like playing sports, but I might fall and break my head on the concrete. I like going out with friends, but driving on the freeway can be darn dangerous. Where does it end?

And what if you find out that eating a lot has a good chance of shortening your life span? Are you going to stop eating so much and give up bodybuilding for quilting?