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BB Fanny Packs?


What's the deal with bodybuilders wearing fanny packs? Is there a reason they don't carry wallets. I understand why you might were one in the gym. But why in the street also.


Wow.. you probely just read this in the other thread about people talking about fannypacks, and you should of read what I wrote. I beilive the reason for most bodybuilders wearing them is they keep there little machine that pumps insulin into there sytem via a tube that runs into there body, usually at there hip. It regulates and injects small amounts of insulin into there body, so they don't have to inject all the time and there food is always breaking down. Any hardcore lifter or bodybuilder should know this...


You are dumb as shit stains.


That had to be a joke right?


You'd be surprised how popular they are here in Finland.. "fannypacks" are practically a cult icon here (goes well with blue/white tracksuits \0/ ) and generally wore by men between ages 30 and dead. Judging by most of their guts, it is indeed possible that maybe fannypacks do really house some sort of insulin release system.. cough


I am surprised someone with 7 years of training and a miltary trainer, would say something as stupid as this lol. That is the shit you see on infomercials i will stop now, just incase your GREAT bodybuilding knowledge rubs off on me.


I think that they wear it because if any of pro Bodybuilders spots a pull up bar or dip station (wich gives them an incredible urge to use it) they automaticly have a weight belt so the are ready to go... :slight_smile:


Maybe, since they wear a lot of exercise specific clothing, there are no/not enough pockets to carry everything they need?


Ha ha ha...that's the best one yet.


If you had legs the size of serious bb'ers you would understand how hard it is to fit into pants, let alone shove shit in the pockets.

Plus they are weirdos and probably enjoy standing out.


Christ this is a good subject.


Probably true on both counts


True. I can't put my keys in my pockets without them eventually stabbing me in leg. So I KNOW these guys can't fit shit in their pockets.


How about this. I wear one when I go to the gym because
1. When I have shorts and a t-shirt on I have no place for a wallet and it makes no since to carry it in my hand or stuff it in my sock.

  1. The sweat pants pockets don.t hold anything securely.

  2. The waist pack is just another piece of equipment which makes things easier for me and I am man enough to wear it with out worrying about how many macho fashionistas who are so worried about their masculinity they won't wear one (Cause it might look like a little purse) or worse yet it just might not be cool.

There is way to much thought going into this subject. If you don't like them carry your damn wallet! But wearing one doesn't make you feminin or a douche bag.


Hey Tough guy, I've been lifting for quite some time with tons of Amature Bodybuilders and lots of Pro Class Powerlifters, I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I've know a many men that take there insulen this way.. I don't see what so hard to understand!?!? They put there pump in there fanny pack and run the tube so no one can see it. Don't you dog on me cuase you don't know shit about Bodybuilding. Go back to you BenchPress and Curls buddy!


I know alot of people find these things to fit into the looser category. When I think fanny pack I think of those really badly dressed fat people with those terminator type sunshades that are placed over their glasses... Get the picture? Yeah real looserville population, those fuckers! ha ha ha. However I do wear one when I train to put my minidisc player in, there is no other way. People are such followers when it comes to fashion, just wait t'il vesach? or dolch? cabana makes one then everyone will want one. On a side note I predict the next big fashion trend will be to wear those ugly rain boots, maybe you could get a head start wearing them now!

              that's right,
                           tin can


i heard that they keep their testes in them as they fell off years ago from all the roids...

you know what im talking about alphaboy


No one said it makes anyone less of a man. It just looks stupid. Not a big deal.


From the spelling on some of these posts alone, I am hereby declaring...

...you know what's coming...

...exciting, isn't it?...


That is all.


Seriously. This thread and the other one about Coleman that devolved into a fanny pack debate are both asinine. Don't we log onto this site to learn things? Granted, I now know how NOT to act, but still...


Fanny packs are great for holding steroids and protein bars...