BB Competition Support...if you need it...

Okay, the contest season is upon us. For those of the forum that compete (in bodybuilding), I thought I’d throw my hat (formally), into the competition ring. I have decided to compete in the Bill Pearl Classic (November 2). I’ve heard this is a good show, PLUS, it’s a National Qualifier. My goal? To win my class, to qualify for the Team Universe in August(NY, New York) - and place in the Top 5 of my class (middleweights) there.

Once this all happens, that's it, I'm done with competition: well, until I compete in a "Masters Women" class (which I could now, but why? I'll wait until I'm 40). I wanted to put this here on the forum, to see it "in stone" so to speak. Anyone else? Got some competition goals?

well good luck patricia, but surely you are not dieting know for a show thats in november (especially as you stay lean year round)? I have decided to take a year out and try to go up a weight class (light heavies)- as my legs seriously overpower my upper body and the only way to match them would be to add some serious mass to my upper body and I think that will put me in the light heavy category. do you find that judges will go for a person who is top heavy rather than a person who is bottom heavy - this is what I found at the great britain natural show last year when guys with tooth picks placed a head of me! well I think its easier to bring up your upperbody rather than your lower so I should stop moaning.

No immediate competition goals, just wanted to say “Good luck!” Hope you knock 'em dead!


A request to consider?

Maybe post sort of a weekly “Support Group” type of thread where we can follow your diet and training…maybe ask questions? Not only for your support (which will be the most important reason), but also in order to gain some “tips” from a Natural Competitor!

I’m behind you 200%! I’m not a “Competitive-Competitor”, but much like many of us, am always competing with myself.

Let us know about you official start of Contest Preparation.

By the way, Pat…what have you found to be the BEST source of the available contest out there?

(P.S. Is ko prepared for those “Low Carb” mood swings? He better watch the ole’ “family jewels”! LOL!!!)

Good luck Patricia. I will be looking for your pic in a muscle rag…but not next to Porter Freeman!

Hi Patricia!
I am planning on doing the NABBA Jr. nationals in August and since I took the overall at the last show I did, I qualified for sr. nationals in september.After those who knows what else!!! Looks like depending on how I do I might be done until I can compete in masters 35+. I am 30 now. I can focus on training some of my clients who are starting to get into competitions.

Thanks, for the words, people! I hope there are more competitors out there in the forum - could use this area to post placings, etc.

Anywhoos: British Lifter: well, I think when you look at a lineup and you see a BB with "decent" leg developement but a great torso, and he's standing next to a BB with unbelievable leg developement but a decent torso - the one with upper bod is gonna place higher. Due to I think "visual" symmetry. It's a bummer I know, but sometimes I thank the high heavens my legs don't overshadow my upper bod. It's wierd, though with women competitors, it's the other way around. I lost out on a Overall to a chick with HUGE legs and a pretty blocky upper body (horrible symmetry)- and I believe she won due to her freaky legs. Wild phenomenon. But I STILL don't want "overshadowy" legs. You know Tom Platz early in his competitive career had the same problem. Have you looked into what his earlier training was like that remedied this issue for him?

Mufasa, I can do that; provide either a weekly or monthly update. It'll be rather cathartic for me, too. Oh, and since I'm NPC (National Physique Committee, seems to have the tougher competitions around here), I look at for contest updates. Plus they've got a TON of links and info. As for Ko, he thanks his lucky stars that I don't have to resort to the low to zero carb diets. That I have to actually eat red meat (and more calories) during a dieting stage (but I do have to cut out my daily box of Mike-n-Ikes - so sad). However, my "stress" of contest prep is mostly from wanting to get it the hell over with. Maybe he can start a thread for spouses/sig others of competitors to "vent"?!

Hey, Jodi: are you in the UK or Australia. Those are the primary locations of the NABBA, right? Oh and good luck! Good job on your qualifying for your Nationals!

I've already started the "prep". I've begun the mental focus necessary for any competitive endeavor. By August, I'll begin the "dieting". I like to diet slowly so that I can maintain heavy training up to a show. I'll be using, of course, Biotest products. Especially MD6 and/or Methoxy 7. Oh and will maintain using GROW, Surge. I just feel that after all that I have learned from the fine T-Mag forum regulars (as well as T-Mag in general), that I'll be ready come November. I've just made our hotel reservations, too. Man, I will be SO ready.

Oh, I just did a “look see” around the NABBA USA site. The Jr. Nationals are going to be in Pennsylvania. Like “d’oh” to me! So, you are in the US. I’ve always been curious about the NABBA. Keep us all posted here as to your progress!

Heading to the S.N.B.F. tennessee classic Aug 10th with the goal of at leats placing in the Top 3 in the masters div (I,m 44). So far this seems to be my best preparation to date. Long way to go ,though. Damn, a cinnamon roll would sure be good now. Oh, well must stay focused. Good luck in your show, hope you clean house and let us knoe how you do!!

Hey patricia you must actually be in real shape to be competing. Is it possible for you to post a pic in competition condition? thanks im not a perv! lol

I am in Hershey, PA.
Our nationals are in Philidelphia this year.
I hope I do well, I am bulking again for a couple of weeks then re-cutting.
Good Luck with your comp.
I will keep you posted!!!

Naked Man: let us know how you do in August. Good luck! Also, you know you can have that cinnamon roll anyday and it would never, ever taste as sweet as Victory -right?

Jodi, I'll be sure to let everyone know how I do - glad you'll do the same!

pac: my pic from a contest a year ago, was posted in Reader Mail once. Uh, I believe like, before the 200th issue.

I am entering the NPC Georgia championships in July 6. I wanted to enter a natural show, but my schedule would only allow a show on this particular weekend, and the GA was my only option without having to travel too far. Five and a half more weeks of dieting. I haven’t put peice of food in my mouth that was not planned in the last 11 weeks. It is getting down to crunch time and I can definately feel it. Looks like I am going to come in at around 205 and compete in the junior HW division. If I feel I can be competitive I will enter the open. Best of luck Patricia.

Okay, then what are you doing different now for your contest prep? Especially now that you have been reading T-Mag. Has T-Mag affected the way you prepare for a show? In terms of diet? Training? Supplements?

I will be using Biotest (MD6, Methoxy 7) as well as maintaining my creatine intake. This is the first time I'll be using supplements other than Vitamin C and Multi Vit/Mineral tabs. Was just curious.